December 14, 2023

Google’s Case Study: Demand IQ Leading Solar Marketing Using Google's Solar API

As pioneers in solar marketing, Demand IQ is proud to have been one of the initial partners of Google in using Project Sunroof, now called the Solar API. Our early adoption and integration of this groundbreaking technology into Stella platform enabled solar companies of all stripes and sizes to use personalized solar data in lead capture funnels, driving more, higher quality leads by increasing homeowner trust.

What truly sets Demand IQ apart is our ability to deploy sophisticated technology in a user-friendly manner for residential solar providers. Google recognized Demand IQ for its ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness in their recent case study of Demand IQ: 

Read Google's Full Case Study

We achieved what many considered challenging: integrating advanced solar data into an easy-to-use, interactive homeowner experience. By doing so, we saved significant development time and costs, a benefit we pass on to our solar provider customers.

Our comprehensive coverage across national regions, not just in metropolitan areas, and the ability to customize key variables like pricing, financing, and utility rates have been instrumental in providing accurate solar estimates. This precision and flexibility impressed Google, as we effectively harnessed their Solar API to deliver results that resonate with homeowners’ unique needs in a self-service digital experience. 

Our success is evident in the numbers. We've achieved remarkable conversion rates, with a visitor-to-lead rate of 20-34% and a lead-to-appointment rate of 55%, thanks to the integration of Google's Solar API. This data underscores our platform's effectiveness in generating and converting leads.

Demand IQ's collaboration with Google in utilizing the Solar API has positioned us at the forefront of the solar industry. Our ability to simplify complex technologies for homeowners, combined with our proven results, sets a new benchmark in solar solutions. We're excited to continue this journey, leveraging our partnership with Google to innovate and lead in renewable energy solutions across home service verticals.

See Google's Full Case Study on Demand IQ here: