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Schedule up to 2X appointments online with this powerful lead capture. Qualify leads and provide personalized experiences on auto-pilot, right from your website.

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Old school website forms stink

Stop running ineffective marketing campaigns to forms that don’t convert.
Introducing Journeys by Demand IQ

Boost your website conversion rate with personalized online estimate funnels

Give your website visitors key information, personalized to their project, building trust and making them more likely to convert into a lead.

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Create your perfect sales funnel with our drag and drop builder...

Customize your sales funnel steps to be just the way you want them, with industry-specific modules, optional steps, and advanced logic.

Then tweak your fonts, colors, and other design settings to perfectly match your brand.

Choose from 20+ interactive blocks

Or, start with a template, built just for your industry

Answer homeowner questions with personalized solar reports
Start capturing more solar leads with solar specific templates & interactive solar specific funnel steps that educate your website traffic upfront about the energy & cost savings of switching to solar.
Show homeowners instant roofing quotes
Customize these off-the-shelf roofing templates to match your brand and start capturing more leads with interactive roofing specific steps & an instant quote experience.

Every feature you could possibly need in an online funnel builder...

AI Powered Solar & Roofing Estimates
Instantly calculate roof measurements and perform other calculations with AI to give prospects answers to their most pressing project questions.
Interactive Lead Capture & Qualification
Create fun and engaging sales flows that go beyond traditional, boring online forms. Your flows will qualify and capture leads, while making the sales flow fun to complete!
Appointment Scheduling
Round robin and self-gen scheduling technology lets you create the event, invite the best rep & send follow-ups, all on auto-pilot.
Better quality leads
Educate your prospects about their project details and eliminate time wasters, before they speak to a human.
Happier customers
Create an easy, modern online shopping experience for your trade so that your prospects feel like they’re buying on a e-commerce store.
Lower costs
Drive down the cost to acquire customers by spending less time qualifying leads & more time selling to those likely to buy.
Site Photos & Utility Data Capture
Allow users to upload utility bills and home photos directly on your website, saving you time and increasing your ability to accurately quote.
Geofenced Territories
Show website visitors different versions of your funnel based on their location, allowing for a hyper-personalized on-site experience.
Analytics & Reporting
See performance insights at a glance for the entire company, for each regional market, or by traffic source.

And so much more:

Embed anywhere
Email & SMS Follow-ups
Pixeling & ad tracking
Custom products & pricing
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Keep all your leads 2-way synced across 3,000+ tools

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increase in net new revenue
By adding Demand IQ to Solterra’s website, the company saw a significant increase in web visitors, leads & revenue.
new sales per month
Solar Power Pros started generating an extra 15 new sales per month with Demand IQ’s online lead capture.

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