About Us

The truth is, Earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to meet the electricity needs of every human on the planet with solar power for a whole year. Here’s the problem: The current process of transitioning to solar needs a serious overhaul. From antiquated, inaccurate estimates to shoddy sales practices, there’s a huge opportunity to make going solar more affordable, transparent, and accessible.

That’s exactly why Demand IQ is on a mission to make going solar effortless for homeowners, solar providers—and our planet.

Our tools help solar pros future-proof their businesses with customer-centric solar shopping experiences so that more homeowners can go solar with confidence.

Let’s bring more clean power to more people.

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Our Mission

We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it.

At the heart of our work is our passion for improving the planet. We care about preserving the beauty of the great outdoors and protecting communities around the globe from the adverse impacts of global warming.

We are building technology that makes solar shopping effortless.

At Demand IQ, our mission is to make solar shopping effortless. We are digitizing and automating  antiquated solar sales processes to improve the customer experience and, all around, make solar shopping easier and more modern.

Core Values


Do the right thing. Even when doing the wrong thing is easier.

Impactful Progress

We work to create meaningful outcomes, while being mindful of each step it takes to achieve them.

Take Care of Each Other

We take care of our own and others’ health and well-being.


We create value from differences.

Our Partners