Top Solar Canvassing Teams use Hero

Experience the future of in-person solar lead generation.

1.  Educate with Reports Powered By Google Project Sunroof
Build trust with an instant personalized sales pitch slick with shading analysis.
2. Robust & Customizable Dispositionning
Robust data tracking and dashboards that empower managers to coach rep performance and ensure success.
3. Effortlessly Set Appointments
Integrate 3rd party calendar systems like Calendly to book appointments right from the app..

Packed with tons of extras to make your team more successful.

2-way data syncing with powerful APIs.
Capture site data
and utility bills.
Virtual training to speed up onboarding.
Effortlessly manage sales teams

Connect with your favorite apps

Seamlessly connect to more than 3,000 CRMs and project management tools.

Here’s why solar providers love us

Trusted by over 200+ solar providers nationwide!

“The key with canvassing is to catch their attention and stand out. If you give the same pitch as everyone else, homeowners are going to tell you to leave. This gives us something unique.”

Myles Vincent
Marketing Director, Fuzion Energy

“I liked seeing the potential off the bat vs being told ‘Oh, well I don’t know. I have to get someone else out here.’”

Homeowner Customer
Swift NRG