Set more roofing or solar appointments with less sales reps

This sales tracking app lets you see real-time homeowner data, manage your outdoor sales team & track their performance, all from a single dashboard.

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Homeowners don’t trust canvassers at their door!

Differentiate your pitch and build trust with personalized sales slicks

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Reps using personalized sales slicks have seen a...
...increase appointment set rate.
Qualify homes in advance
Qualify homes out in the field (before you knock) with real-time data on household income, homeownership status, roof size & more.
Streamline workflows
Ensure data makes it to your CRM 100% of the time with connected 2-way sync between ALL of your systems.
Eliminate manager headache
Track your rep’s territories, geo-location & performance at a glance in easy to read reports.

Everything you could need in a field sales app

Canvassing & Lead Tracking
Map sales territories and gather performance insights with a robust manager dashboard.
Instant Solar & Roofing Estimates
Use AI to take roof measurements and instantly provide estimates and other project insights to prospects upfront.
Appointment Scheduling
Round robin and self-gen scheduling technology lets you create the event, invite the best rep & send follow-ups, all on auto-pilot.
Area Management
Map and assign areas to individuals or teams. Assign calendars, product pricing, and complex business rules based on your geofenced territories.
Canvassing set rate
Increase in revenue per canvasser
Saved calling leads per sale
Motivate your sales team with leaderboards and gamification features.
Homeowner Data
Automatically pre-populate contact information for prospects and pre-qualify homes based on income, homeownership, and recent movers.
Analytics & Reporting
See performance insights at a glance for the entire company, for each regional market, or by traffic source.

And so much more:

Rep tracking
Site photos & utility billuploads
Email & SMS follow ups
Team visibility
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Keep all your leads 2-way synced across 3,000+ tools

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These companies don’t have empty calendars 👇

“The key with canvassing is to stand out. This gives us something unique.”
Myles Vincent
Marketing Director, Fuzion Energy Home Services
“Highly recommend for any solar company, especially in the residential field.”
Carlos Beccar
Marketing Director, Energy Concepts Enterprises
“In our first 3 weeks, our conversion rate increased by over 2X!”
Aimee Carpenter
CEO, Solterra Solar

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