July 6, 2023

Meet the new Demand IQ Funnel: Embed two new lead capture funnel types directly on your website & customize it to match your brand.

Demand IQ's AI-powered instant quote and lead capture tool has helped more than 200 solar providers nationwide increase leads capture rates and simplify the solar decision-making process for homeowners by instantly generating a personalized, transparent solar savings report using Google Project Sunroof. 

Now, we're evolving our tool to take conversion rates even higher. Meet Chat &  Stepper. You can finally customize the look & feel of your lead funnel with two new formats designed to boost your conversion rates by up to 40% over alternative lead forms. (Read below how Kasselman Solar drove $2M in revenue from their website in the first 6 months of 2023 using this new product!) Plus, we’ve added tons of improvements based on popular requests!

"For the first 6 months of 2023, leads we received from Stella accounted for almost $2 million in revenue. The new funnel has allowed us to gain homeowner trust quickly and efficiently through an embedded widget on our website. Keeping the funnel directly embedded on our homepage has not only increased conversions, but created a more native experience for the customer."

    — Kasselman Solar

💬 Chat: A true conversational experience

Engage with homeowners like never before through a friendly and familiar conversation right on your website. This customizable chat widget seamlessly embeds into your website or app, making lead capture effortless and engaging.

⚡ Stepper: A wizard-style new alternative to chat

Or streamline your conversion funnel with our clean and intuitive step-by-step format as an alternative to chat. This modern and minimal design ensures a smooth solar estimate experience, maximizing lead capture potential.

🏆 Make your experience stand out with a new, modernized proposal format!

The new proposal format helps increase purchase intent and trust by offering insights that educate and motivate homeowners so they feel confident about going solar.

📌 Now traffic never needs to leave your website or landing page with our embeddable funnel types!

Instead of directing to a new page to get a solar estimate, the new embedded, native experience keeps your customers on your website or app while they get their solar estimate, which increases purchase intent and close rates.

📈 Boost form fills and educate homeowners with our new Solar Story!

Increase homeowner purchase intent with a personalized Solar Story—a teaser that summarizes the personalized benefits of solar at the customer's site in a quickly digestible way before the lead capture form to bolster trust and legitimacy, and drive form-fill completion. Think: Instagram Story, but for solar potential.

🚀 New launchers fit seamlessly into your website or landing pages.

From banners to buttons or chat bubbles, you're ready to launch anywhere, any way.

🎨 Easily match your brand’s look & feel.

Customize with your brand colors and custom avatars to make the experience fit seamlessly into your website’s branding and separate you from your competitors.

👋 Request a live demo to see how the new Demand IQcan 2X your web lead volume.