April 18, 2023

New Solar Sales Enablement App Hero™ from Demand IQ Modernizes Residential Solar Canvassing

Hero, available on iOS and Android in late April, is the first solar canvassing app to give sales reps the ability to generate a personalized Solar Preview™ at the homeowner’s door, increasing appointment-setting rates while streamlining data collection. 

Denver, CO - Demand IQ announces the launch of Hero, a canvassing app designed exclusively for the solar industry to enhance the homeowner experience and help solar sales reps sell more projects. Hero generates personalized shade reports and qualification insights to deliver a better at-the-door experience, leading to more appointments and improved consumer education.

“Hero gives sales reps the ability to increase homeowner interest in solar panels while making a lasting impression,” says Austin Rosenbaum, Demand IQ CEO. “We’re thrilled to put the transparency of our online solar shopping tools in the hands of sales reps across America.”

Traditionally, field sales apps have only focused on data tracking and failed to address the homeowner experience. Much of the solar industry still uses the outdated clipboard approach to door-to-door solar sales, which has led to fragmented data collection, inconsistent experiences, and shoddy internal handoffs between setters and closers. In contrast, Hero offers a modern and intelligent solution to enhancing the door-to-door sales experience for both sales reps and homeowners while also delivering powerful capabilities for data tracking.  

“The key with canvassing is to catch their attention and stand out. If you give the same pitch as everyone else, homeowners are going to tell you to leave. This gives us something unique,” said Myles Vincent, a representative from Fuzion Energy.

Solar providers interested in taking their door-to-door marketing strategies to the next level can visit to request a demo or contact Demand IQ at

About Demand IQ

Demand IQ is a software company that offers solutions to help residential solar providers lower customer acquisition costs while selling more projects and streamlining their business. Demand IQ's products, Journeys and Hero, are designed to improve lead quality, increase workflow efficiency, and provide homeowners with a transparent, educational solar shopping experience. Demand IQ delivers a customer-centric solar shopping experience that helps future-proof solar businesses and makes going solar more accessible for homeowners. For more information, visit