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Solar Data Pros

Solar Data Pros helps solar salespeople easily acquire their customers’ hourly consumption data and use their powerful “Scenario Report” for modeling the ideal combination of solar + storage to maximize bill savings. Their prepaid monitoring subscription can be included with a new solar project to differentiate your offering and set you apart from your competitors.

Mattemeehan Consulting

We help solar companies like yours build and scale their canvassing and sales departments. From hiring to training, we do it all. Our experienced consultants train you and your team on how to incorporate sales techniques into winning presentations that ensure you land way more work and don’t get stuck haggling over price.

PCM Integrations

PCM Integrations is a fast and efficient direct mail solution with over 25 years of experience. All postcards ordered via its Zapier connection are automatically delivered straight to your hot leads’ mailbox. Their in-house team works with each client to ensure their message makes it into the right hands at the right time.


BluePagesPro helps connect homeowners with local home improvement service professionals with no lead fees or friction. They accomplish this through their online digital directory and robust listing landing pages. Each BluePagePro listing is designed with conversion tools to help move a prospect from ”just looking” to, “let’s schedule a demo or consultation.”

Whether offering a Financing promotion, Virtual Estimate, Special Offer, their tools are designed to move your customers through a very efficient and easy process.

Through their integrations, partnerships, and recommendations, they bring you the best software solutions in the industry. If you are not on the map, get on the map today.

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Polaris Marketing and Consulting

Polaris Marketing & Consulting, located in Los Angeles California is a five-star rated digital marketing agency. Servicing solar and home service brands, they specialize in Website Development, PPC & Social Media AD Campaigns, as well as local, regional, and national SEO. Polaris is A-rated with the BBB, an ongoing award recipient of the Go Biz Program with the CA Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and responsible for millions of dollars in client revenue. Polaris is a certified WBE, LSBE, SBE and provides a consultative approach to branding and marketing that every business needs.


Hatch is a messaging platform that connects home improvement and home services businesses with their leads over text, email, and phone. From one collaborative inbox, sales teams can instantly message new leads, nurture them pre-sale to post-sale, and automatically follow-up with leads that don’t buy.

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California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA)

The California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) has advanced the common interest of the solar and storage industry for over 40 years, making California the most robust market in the U.S. The association is the state’s largest clean energy business group with over 550 member companies representing an array of businesses that manufacture, design, install, finance and provide other resources to the growing local solar and storage market in California.

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Colorado Solar and Storage Association (COSSA)

Established in 1989, the Colorado Solar and Storage Association is the award-winning nonprofit association leading Colorado’s solar and storage industries. Our mission is to expand solar and storage markets and to generate jobs and prosperity for the people of Colorado. Their mission is to expand solar and storage markets and generate jobs and prosperity for the people of Colorado. Together with hundreds of solar and storage business members they work to advance clean energy policies, remove market barriers, highlight emerging trends, and increase solar & storage education.

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Verse is a next-generation Conversional Texting Platform with specialized technology and highly skilled human concierges. We focus on engaging, qualifying, and converting inbound leads for marketing and sales teams. Our mission is to close the lead conversion gap by driving significantly higher revenue for our customers while giving their prospects a better experience along the way.

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Sunlight Financial

Who We Are: Frictionless Financing for Home UpgradesOur payment-friendly financing and industry-leading technology help contractors grow their solar and home improvement businesses and make homeowners’ dreams come true.

The Sunlight Advantage

We partner with contractors nationwide to offer homeowners innovative, affordable loans for modern home upgrades. With over $4 billion in funded loans, our best-in-class technology and deep credit expertise simplify and streamline homeowner finance, enabling our contractor partners to quickly and easily provide homeowners with simple access to financing at point-of-sale via phone, tablet or computer.

More than just a financing provider, we’re your partner for the long-haul. For contractors and homeowners alike, experiencing the Sunlight advantage means access to flexible payment options, a frictionless home upgrade experience, and elite support – from loan approval to project completion and beyond.

Sustainability and Savings with Solar Financing

Growing your solar business doesn’t need to be complicated. With over 100,000 solar systems funded and installed, our simple and intuitive sales platform features self-service product selection, instant credit approvals and fast funding to keep your business moving forward. That’s why 15,000 plus professionals choose Sunlight as their preferred financing provider.

Modern Home Upgrades with Home Improvement

At Sunlight Financial, our home improvement financing options are designed to meet your customers’ needs and increase their buying power – all while being a natural extension of your business’ values and sales process. We fund fast to ensure your business will have working capital to grow. Letʼs make the world a brighter place

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Sungage Financial

With loan amounts up to $200K, terms up to 25 years, flexible APRs for all terms, and the most attractive solar tax credit deferral in the industry, Sungage helps installer partners win more residential solar and storage projects nationwide.

With Sungage’s credit pre-qualification integrated directly into the Demand-IQ platform, approving homeowners who are ready to go solar has never been easier and faster.

More About Sungage:
● Sungage integrates seamlessly with your sales process, helping you close deals
and get paid quickly.
● Our solar finance specialists always answer the phone and chase down the
details so you can focus on achieving your sales potential.
● Our customers rave about us, leading to more referrals for you.

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Streamline Jacks

Working with businesses to create brands, identities, and presences that will stop you in your tracks. We work hard to infuse every project with energy and excitement to make it the best experience possible. Sound good so far? Well then … meet your designers! Friendly, energetic, and slightly off-beat, they’ll keep you on your toes! We design everything under the sun, code custom websites and rock pretty much every project thrown our way. We're small and just getting our name out there, but definitely capable of a great end product & spot-on design!


Scanifly's drone-based 3D modeling software automates and centralizes the manual day-to-day tasks in your solar workflow. Now you can sell, survey, design and install projects with near perfect accuracy, greater speed and enhanced safety, while lowering soft costs throughout the process.

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EPC Finder is a free online tool that enables solar sales organizations to maximize their earning potential by finding new EPCs and adding markets to their sales territories. Create a profile in seconds, then search and apply to dealership programs in any location based on financing and equipment options, among other criteria. EPC Finder makes it easy to find trusted partners in new markets that are eager to help you grow. The best part? It’s entirely free! 

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Mavericks Marketing

A lot of businesses over time hit a plateau in growth and need innovative digital marketing to help them reach a new level. We create and implement a clear framework for their digital marketing, so that they can reach that next level growth and elevate their business. We are a full service digital marketing agency that has dedicate ourselves to reshaping the way businesses develop marketing strategies as well as how those strategies are implemented. We approach each client with an outside perspective to not just their marketing but their industry.

Energy Circle

Energy Circle is the marketing and communications pioneer at the forefront of the built environment transition. For over 12 years, we’ve been on a mission to accelerate the transformation of homes and buildings towards reduced carbon, renewable generation, greater energy efficiency, health and comfort. Our unique expertise is in growth support and lead generation for high performance contractors committed to a building science approach as well as manufacturers launching cutting edge building products. We also serve nonprofits and associations on the front lines of solving the climate change impact of buildings.

Get The Referral

GetTheReferral (GTR) is a proactive way to get more referrals thanks to our one-of-a-kind referral software and mobile app. We combine an integrated dashboard that manages your leads and communications, with an engaging, branded mobile app that makes it easier for your customers to actively refer you, and be rewarded quickly for their effort.

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Doukas Media

Doukas Media, Inc. is a Long Island-based digital marketing agency that has been helping businesses uncover their online potential since 2012. Focused on strategy and driven by results, their mission is simple: to help their clients increase their visibility, reputation, and revenue through exceptional digital marketing services.

Blue Edge Business

Blue Edge Business Solutions offers an innovative way to market and consult businesses that keeps clients'​ profits and satisfaction as top priorities. We provide our clients with cutting edge ideas and solutions to increase customers acquisition and retention, we do this by truly understanding our clients'​ business needs, opportunities, and by providing the flexibility, speed, and commitment necessary for success. We offer high quality marketing and business solutions at a cost catered to your businesses'​ needs.


Bodhi's mission is to cultivate the bond between people and the energy that powers their lives. Our software platform empowers solar companies to deliver amazing customer experiences with ease. Bodhi automates communication and personalizes the homeowners’ experience, so that installers can focus on what they do best - executing projects, making more sales, and transforming communities around energy.

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Connecting The Dots

One of our core strengths is the ability to generate real time and aged opted-in data for nearly all industries. We pride ourselves in generating high quality leads by targeting your ideal audience. We add additional value by creating APIs for real time appends, as well as scrubbing against the national DNC and known litigators. Connecting the Dots can assist in all of your telemarketing, email, direct mail, and list management data services.

Crest Creative

At Crest, we believe fortune favors the bold. We reject conformity to elevate your brand to a higher ground. Through visual storytelling, we’re bringing verve to the craft of cleantech marketing.

Active Prospect

ActiveProspect is an Austin-based SaaS platform on a mission to make consent-based marketing the best method for customer acquisition.Our comprehensive product suite empowers companies across industries to take real-time action on their leads, protect themselves from litigation by documenting proof of consent, and save money by providing new levels of data insights and control.

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Dividend Finance

Dividend is a leading national provider of renewable energy and energy-efficient financing solutions to property owners. We give our customers the opportunity to obtain clean energy financing through a comprehensive suite of financing options. Our flagship product, the EmpowerLoan™, continues to expand its product offerings into the storage and home-energy space.

Dividend also offers commercial PACE, which is a public-private financing mechanism for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and seismic upgrades on privately-owned property.

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