Customer Story

Increasing Appointment Volume Amidst a Market Slowdown


Website conversion rate increase


Increase in web leads


Increase in web appointments


Our client, a premium solar installer, faced a significant challenge during a market slowdown: a 21% reduction in website traffic, equating to 6,500 fewer visitors compared to the year before. Their website conversion rate was just 1.7%.

Website traffic was down 21%

Conversion rate was just 1.7%

Website needed improvements and optimizations


The client used Demand IQ throughout their digital footprint & implemented a comprehensive strategy including website optimization, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, and a conversion-focused user experience.

Pointed CTAs to Demand IQ to offer instant solar estimates

Integrated Demand IQ throughout digital properties

Updated website design with Demand IQ recommendations



Despite a 21% web traffic drop due to market downturn, the client saw a 75% increase in leads.

Website conversion rate jumped from 1.7% to 3.0%.

43% increase in appointment set volume.

Demand IQ successfully boosted lead capture rates with organic web traffic, showcasing that even during a downturn and reduced traffic, businesses can achieve significant growth in lead volume, appointment set volume, and conversion rates by implementing more transparency with instant solar estimates.

Ready to boost lead capture rates? Demand IQ is here to turbocharge your solar sales & marketing regardless of challenging market conditions.

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