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Helping the Municipal Utility of Orlando Increase Solar Adoption


of solar installed


of all clicks turned into leads


of qualified leads self-book appointments


Orlando Utilities Commision (OUC) wanted to get into the solar industry and encourage homeowners to go solar through an education-focused approach, but they had a hard time building trust.

Needed creative ways to integrate renewable energy at the distibution level

Poor solar shopping experiences online from competitors

Needed to convince homeowners to diversify their energy sources


OUC developed OUCollective Solar, a program provided by esaSolar, to establish a reliable source where homeowners can learn about solar and get automated estimates.

OUC embedded Demand IQ lead capture software on its website

Used OUC branding on Demand IQ's platform to build trust in the process



By leveraging a trusted utility’s branding in Demand IQ’s transparent instant solar estimate tool, OUC was able to shorten the length of time that homeowners spent researching solar before moving forward. Homeowners felt more confident in working with a utility-approved solar provider, which allowed OUC to work with more qualified leads without hiring more sales reps.

VP of Business Development

“Where Demand IQ has supported us is that they’re committed to our success as a partner—to constantly adjust and work through different solutions.”

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