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Arctic Solar Ventures

Helping Arctic Solar Ventures Offer a More Transparent Solar Shopping Experience


of submitted utility bills converted to closeds sales


of leads set into appointments


increase in YoY web traffic


Arctic Solar Ventures needed software to provide transparent solar pricing online and avoid competitors’ “black-box” culture that kept homeowners in the dark. Traditional solar shopping experiences didn’t offer enough transparency or education for its customers.

Not enough transparency in traditional solar shopping

Black-box shopping culture affected customer trust

In a build-versus-buy scenario for instant estimate software


Arctic Solar Ventures worked with Demand IQ to quickly deploy an omni-channel marketing strategy which enabled homeowners to get instant solar estimates online by scanning QR codes on flyers or by visiting its website.

Pointed all lead forms to Demand IQ to offer instant solar estimates

Developed landing pages to test paid ads

Used QR codes for omni-channel solar marketing experience

Arctic Solar Ventures increased transparency in its marketing while reducing call center time and reducing manual data entry errors.



Arctic Solar Ventures’ inside sales team saved time, reduced manual data entry errors, and quickly addressed homeowners’ concerns with trust and transparency.

Arctic Solar Ventures

“We’ve been very impressed with the process, the product, and the willingness of the Demand IQ team to help us come up with custom solutions for our market, which is quite a bit different.”

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