Customer Story
Solar Power Pros

Demand IQ Increased Solar Power Pros Sales Volume & Reduced CPL and CAC


Reduction in CAC


New sales per month


Solar Power Pros struggled to build an online funnel that converted well. It tried dozens of online funnels but wasn’t satisfied with the results. It needed a funnel with high-performing analytics and tracking.

Difficulty finding a funnel that matched their needs

Required a funnel with robust analytics and tracking


Demand IQ worked with Solar Power Pros to build landing pages and embed our automated lead capture tool on its website. Solar Power Pros stopped buying third-party leads or knocking doors and pointed 100% of its website traffic to Stella.

Pointed all web traffic to Demand IQ

Developed custom Demand IQ landing pages & widgets

Hands-on collaboration with Demand IQ’s team

By leveraging Demand IQ’s system, Solar Power Pros accomplished what an entire agency would do, with a one-person marketing team.



This approach resulted in the lowest CPL of any funnel, their in-house lead <green-para>CAC was $1,000 less than purchased leads<green-para>, and it brought in 15 deals per month from Facebook alone.

Director or marketing & development
Solar Power Pros

“No matter what other software I use or what other funnels I build, Demand IQ works the best... It just converts way better than anything else. It’s definitely worth it.”

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