Cut your CAC with an interactive lead funnel.


Drive higher quality leads through an educational solar funnel experience.


Provide an interactive online experience that offers address-level solar insights.


Reduce time from lead to closed deal by enabling a self-service customer experience.

Meet stella, the first white-label ready solar rep A.I

The always on Solar shopping experience

Instant Solar Estimates

Stella is a friendly new solar A.I. powered by Google Project Sunroof, armed with the skills to help your website convert more visitors!


Customizable Qualification Surveys

Interested homeowners can self-qualiify by taking a short survey and book appointments  with your team.


Painless utility bill capture

With coverage of more than 3,500 utility companies, Stella makes the process easy by enabling homeowners to opt in to share utility data with a few clicks!


Top solar brands are improving digital customer acquisition with Demand IQ.

“3.3x more organic leads.”

“Stella sets our Facebook Ads apart from the competition.”

“A massive step up from lead forms.”

Features that our clients can't live without.

Stella is loaded with features that make your job easier while delivering a seamless homeowner experience.

White-label Ready

Our tool is customizable to fit your brand and seamlessly adopt the look of your other digital properties.

No Coding Required

Easily integrate the tool with your website by simply copying and pasting our tool where you want it to appear.

Sync Leads to your CRM

No manual data entry! Our software is able to integrate with your CRM so you can see all of your leads in one single place.

Get Utility Data with Leads

Homeowners can simply connect their utility accounts to sync their historical usage with your CRM. No more chasing down bills!

Exclusive Leads

Your data's security and exclusivity is important to us! All leads you generate will be 100% exclusive to you.

Integrated Calendars

We offer cloud based integration with all major calendar systems including Calendy! Simply connect your account and start booking!

Here’s what Demand IQ customers are saying...

Hear from our more than 150+ happy solar customers nationwide!

Stella can transform customer views on submitting information online. Stella’s conversational interface gives you enough facts to want to continue to the next page without sounding interrogative. This is a massive step up from a simple lead entry form.

Matt Hildebrand
Matt Hildebrand, Co-owner of Infinity Energy
Matt Hildebrand
Matt Hildebrand
increase in organic leads

After implementing Stella on the homepage of the Brooklyn SolarWorks website, the tool increased total organic lead volume by 3.3x.

decrease in CPL

CAM Solar observed a 20% decrease in CPL from paid Facebook ads through Stella in the first week.