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The old way
Low # of leads & sales. People are not converting and you don’t know why.
Homeowners don’t trust you or your boring, templated sales pitch or marketing.
You’re wasting time because of unqualified leads and tire kickers.
You’re losing deals because of slow, outdated, and manual processes.
High cost per sale. You’re generating sales, but at a massive marketing cost.
The new way
Generate more leads & sales with a high converting sales pitch and funnels.
Offer personalized, interactive marketing that differentiates and builds trust.
Qualify homes in advance so that you’re not sitting with low quality appointments.
Close more deals with instant estimates that allow you to be the first to bid a job.
Lower cost per sale by closing more deals from your existing opportunities.
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Online Funnels

Boost your online conversion rate with personalized sales and marketing funnels.

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Field Marketing

The only field CRM and sales tracking app that helps you increase your appointment and sales volume.

Higher quality appointments
More efficient canvassing
Eliminate manager headache
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These companies don’t have empty calendars

“Leads that come through are vetted and verified and our close rate has shot up!”
Dixie Tyrrell
Canvasser, Lighthouse Solar
“The amount of traffic to our website that turns into quality solar leads has skyrocketed!”
Myles Vincent
Marketing Director, Fuzion Energy Home Services
“In our first 3 weeks, our conversion rate increased by over 2X!”
Aimee Carpenter
CEO, Solterra Solar

Packed with features to help you dominate your market

AI Powered Solar + Roofing Estimates
Instantly calculate roof measurements and other calculations with AI to show homeowners personalized reports that answer their most pressing project questions right online or at the door.
Interactive Lead Capture & Qualification
Create fun and engaging outdoor digital pitch slicks & online sales flows that go beyond traditional, boring sales conversations. Qaulify leads, so that you can prioritize high-value opportunities.
Appointment Scheduling
Round robin and self-gen scheduling technology lets you create the event, invite the best rep & send follow-ups, all on auto-pilot at the door or right after online lead capture.
Territory Rules & Team Management
Draw geographic boundaries for outdoor sales teams or show website visitors different versions of your funnel based on their location.
Analytics & Reporting
See performance insights at a glance for the entire company, for each regional market, or by traffic source.

And so much more:

Fully customizable sales slicks & funnels
Email & SMS Follow-ups
Site photos & utility bill uploads
Quote with specific products & pricing
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Keep all your leads 2-way synced across 3,000+ tools

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See results in days not months

increase in net new revenue
By adding Demand IQ to Solterra’s website, the company saw a significant increase in web visitors, leads & revenue.
new sales per month
Solar Power Pros started generating an extra 15 new sales per month with Demand IQ’s online lead capture.

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