How conversational AI can take your solar business to the next level

As the demand for solar energy continues to grow, it's becoming increasingly important for solar companies to find efficient and effective ways to capture leads and generate new business. One powerful tool that can help with this is conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Conversational AI is a software that uses artificial intelligence to interact with customers in a natural, human-like way. Conversational AI like Stella from Demand IQ can be integrated into a company's website or social media channels, and they are available to generate solar estimates, provide personalized insights, and capture lead data 24/7.

There are several benefits to using a conversational AI to capture solar leads:

Increased accessibility: Conversational AI is available to provide solar estimates at any time of day, even when your business is closed. This makes it easier for potential customers to get the information they need, when they need it, and take the next step towards going solar at a time that works best for them. This is especially important because the sooner you engage with a potential lead, the higher your chances are of converting them.

Improved customer service: Conversational AI can handle a high volume of inquiries and provide quick and accurate responses, which can help to improve the overall customer experience and handle multiple customer inquiries at the same time.

Enhanced lead generation: Conversational AI can collect important information from potential customers, such as their contact details and their interest in going solar. This can help you build a database of qualified leads that you can follow up with at a later date.

Cost-effectiveness: Conversational AI is a cost-effective way to capture leads and provide customer service, as they require minimal human resources and can operate around the clock. Stella is a fully optimized and trained conversational AI that is ready to start working on your website. 

Using conversational AI to capture solar leads can be a powerful way to generate new business, improve customer service, and increase the accessibility of your company. If you're not already using conversational AI to capture leads, it may be worth considering as a way to grow your solar business. And we’d love to introduce you to Demand IQ’s conversational AI! Schedule some time with us to see how Stella can help you take your solar business to the next level.